Tango X

Tango X is back!!! Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 7th for an immersive, atmospheric social dance experience in a modern, art gallery space, featuring specialty South American inspired tapas and cocktails from the excellent restaurant Carmo. We're building on last month's well-attended event with a newly-purchased sound system plus more video and lighting effects to surround your senses. Be taken on a journey as the mood transforms through the night, from sensual to energetic, traditional to modern, from familiar and grounded to ethereal and dream-like. And back again.

This event will feature special perfomances by visiting professionals, Homer & Cristina Ladas and Ney Melo & Jennifer Bratt!!!

Social. The layout will feature a front bar/social area where you may order food and socialize. Tables will also surround the dance floor, "milonga" style. Food will be provided by Carmo, who received excellent ratings for it's cuisine featuring South American and tropical influences. Also featured is a full bar with specialty cocktails. Friendly and fashionable, upbeat, spontaneous; be ready to explore dancing but not take yourself too seriously...

Dance. The music played will be an even mix of traditional Argentine Tango with newer, alternative, electronic, and other danceable music that is unabashedly modern. This mix will begin with a 70/30 (traditional/modern) ratio and transition into a 30/70 ratio towards the end. Music will be played in sets (aka "tandas") of 3 or 4 songs of similar styles.

Experience. The atmosphere of a stylish venue (a modern, multi-cultural, multi-use art gallery), coupled with a diverse, unique music selection is designed to encourage exploration and creativity. We believe that dance is a living art form, and each dance is as distinct and personal as the two people dancing it. Don't be afraid to try. Experiment. Embrace your own style.

Where: L'entrepôt, 527 Julia St., New Orleans (map)
When: Saturday, December 7th, 8pm. No experience or partner necessary!
Cover: $15

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